Texas and Pacific Railroad Company Water Tank

Interesting bit of West Texas history.   The Texas and Pacific Railroad Company put in the railway back in the 1880’s.   Most, if not all towns and cities along Interstate 20, (old US Hwy 80) from Ft. Worth to El Paso were all rail road towns with the exception of a few just west of Ft. Worth.

The photograph is one of only two remaining T&P RR water tanks that I know of still in existence.   This one is just east of Barstow, Texas and is located on high ground above the Pecos River valley / flood plain.    It looks to be cast iron as it is a riveted tank.   The other water tank still standing is between Colorado City, Texas and Roscoe, Texas.

There were towns about every ten or fifteen miles.  Some survived, Abilene, Sweetwater, Big Spring, Midland, Odessa,  and Pecos to name a few.  Others didn’t such as Morita between Big Spring and Stanton, or Courtney between Stanton and Midland.    Warfield survives between Midland and Odessa, but most only know it as a truck stop.

There are numerous curiosities in West Texas if you look closely.  Of course, no matter where you are or live, if you look closely you will find many interesting things.  Explore your world!



My First Blog Post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my first blog post.  I am listening to “The Big Year” via audible.com, and there was a funny thing one of the characters does to get a discount.  He is a hard driven Yankee business man from New Jersey, and he’ll risk the outlandish for a discount even though he doesn’t need one.    In the book at one point he asks for a travel agents discount for a hotel room: he owned a roofing business, but saw getting a better deal on everything as being very important.

This got me to thinking it would be funny to  have business cards printed up with something like A-1 Travel Consulting in order to wrestle a discount from a hotel or a meal.   Its pretty funny if you think about it.

Years ago I knew a rancher who had lots of oil income in the later years of his life.   He would always ask for pastoral discount whenever he made a purchase at a liquor store.  He told me once that he got a discount more often than not!   Everyone wants to help the clergy.  Funny stuff.

Should I ever decide to do this I will call my company FUJIMO Travel.  This is in honor of of Lt. Doug Larm and 1st Platoon of Delta Troop.  Whenever we made a facing movement in formation we would yell out “FUJIMO”.   I let you guess what the hell FUJIMO means.